Real Estate Photography
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Welcome to our real estate photography services. We can divide real estate photography into two main sections: photography produced for real estate agents and photography done for private owners. The latter can be a quite sensitive branch of professional photography. It sometimes involves private memories, objects and furniture collected over the years by the house’s owners. We are often required to show great consideration to these during the photoshoot. In some ways it is therefore easier working with real estate agents since we can handle the property purely on a commercial level.

Real Estate Photography Services

High quality real estate photography equals better results

Your chances of a successful outcome are vastly increased with high quality photographs. There is fierce competition in the real estate business. You therefore need the highest quality photographs in order to sell or rent your property.

We take real estate photography to the next level with our post production retouching. We are very skilled at this and indeed we take this into account during the photoshoot itself and therefore have a holistic approach to the whole process. The most important editing feature is ‘Layers’. We can use this feature to add or remove people or objects as well as plan, in advance, the lighting and color balance of our final image.

To give just a simple example: when we photograph a room with a big window the light’s measurement inside the room is obviously not the same as the much brighter light outside. Using Photoshop’s Layer feature, we can shoot two pictures with two different exposures and then merge them later with a fine-tuned photo retouch. We can use the same techniques to handle the manipulation of shadows and highlights in our real estate photography.

Interiors are the key

As well as capturing the architectural elegance of the house our interior photography should convey that cozy feeling so needed to describe a private dwelling.

In real estate interior photography the approach must be slightly different from hotel photography.  We need to describe the spatial expansion of the rooms and how they relate to each other.  In other words we need to show the flow between the spaces. Additionally we need to emphasize the fine details of design and decoration.

When photographing empty properties it is important to produce photographs that let the viewer easily imagine how those rooms would look like once they have furnished and decorated them.

Real estate photography Chiang Mai, Thailand

We have over 20 years of experience in professional photography. Additionally we have a comprehensive appreciation of the specialist techniques required for the best real estate photographs.

It goes without saying that this puts us – and our customers – in a position of great advantage over the competition.

Real Estate Photography Examples

Click on the links below to see a gallery of either exterior or interior real estate photographs