Professional Photography Chiang Mai, Thailand

We are aware of today’s demanding marketing tasks. In our professional photography we translate your vision using images with strong visual impact. We create visual experiences that support and enhance your story and marketing needs. We use skillful camera positions, careful styling and experienced post production.

Professional Photoshoot

We have more than 30 years of experience of professional photography. Our main focus is hotel photography and hospitality photography both in Chiang Mai, Thailand and the rest of South East Asia. We have worked with many of the five star hotels in the area including the Four Seasons and Accor Group. To master hotel photography the artist needs to understand the attention to detail and time required to cover lobbies, rooms, swimming pools, restaurant and so on. We can certainly say that we love what we do.

Having an eye for hotel photography allows us to also be successful in real estate photography. We pride ourselves on having many clients in the high end real estate market. Our love for architecture and interior design allows us to express the best of each single location.

We also have great expertise in industrial photography. When we were working in Italy we did a great deal of work with factory locations. In the end the common denominator is our fondness for architecture in every form which we capture with our photographic skills.

Our experience and attention to detail results in the highest quality of food photography and product photography. We also enjoy our portrait photography. Our automotive photography is driven by an Italian passion for cars and bikes.

Photo Retouching

In modern photography to master technique is not enough: Post Processing and Photo Retouching are as important as the photography itself. Light, lines, forms, color and shades are parts that make up the single entity that needs to be mastered.

Our commercial photography services includes photo retouching. We have developed our skills in line with the new technologies that have become available over the years, namely Adobe Photoshop which we have been using since 1998.

Moreover we are constantly updating our skill sets through Adobe online webinars and tutorials in order to offer the most cutting edge services to enhance any given image to its best possible potential.

We balance the light of an interior room with its outdoor background and enhance shadows and contrast on a sunset over a swimming pool. Whatever the requirements we have the know-how to provide stunning transformations.