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Chiang Mai, Thailand

There are a number of reasons why somebody would need automotive photography. The auto manufacturing industry relies heavily on photography for advertising. Car and auto dealers as well as private owners also need images either for sale purposes or just for decoration. Besides this there are professional photographers that shoot cars and motorcycles just out of sheer passion. For myself, taking a photograph of an elegant car is emotionally similar to shooting a curvy model.

Automotive Photography Services

Where and when?

As with all our professional photography good planning will bring good results. The scene we set with a car (or a motorcycle) whether indoors or outdoors will make a huge difference to the feeling of the final image. A classic car placed on a country road flanked with cypresses will evoke harmony and peace. A modern sports car set in an urban environment will convey efficiency and dynamism. We often shoot our car photography indoors or in a studio. Since cars are very shiny subjects we have to pay special attention to reflections that will show either on the bonnet or the side. The perfect balance results in the perfect image.

Automotive photography - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Post production retouching done right

When we’re on the stage to photo shoot our car or motorcycle we have to think in advance how we will work on editing. Dark paint and chrome doesn’t always require the same techniques. We have to keep this in mind when shooting.

Reflections are another source of  headache and we should pay more than usual when shooting.  Having to remove your assistant or a strobe light reflected in the middle of the door is a time-consuming task!

The subject out our photograph is the car and all other elements should be considered as secondary and should be slightly dimmed.

Motorbike Photography - Chiang Mai, Thailand

We have over 20 years of experience in professional photography. Additionally we have a comprehensive appreciation of the specialist techniques required for the best automotive photographs. we have a passion for beautiful cars and motorbikes.

It goes without saying that this puts us – and our customers – in a position of great advantage over the competition.

Automotive Photography Examples
Car and Motorbike Photography

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