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Our industrial photography Chiang Mai services are available throughout Thailand and South east Asia.

Welcome to our Industrial photography Chiang Mai services. Industrial photography may not seem as glamorous as interior photography or hotel photography but is just as interesting, important and sometime very challenging. The occasionally harsh environment encountered can add to the difficulties of this kind of photography. These may include thin intruding dust, dense smoke and also pungent odors. They are some of the challenges that a professional photographer as well as their equipment have to cope with. Of course, most industrial assignments are not that severe and our passion for industrial machinery helps us to overcome any discomfort.

Why is industrial photography needed?

As with any other enterprise, companies who produces merchandise or offer construction services need photographs in order to promote themselves. They need to illustrate their websites or populate their brochures or company profiles.

It goes without saying that a photographer needs to prepare carefully in advance when engaged in industrial photography. A meeting with the company’s representatives is pivotal in order to understand what is needed. A survey of the facility will help to better understand how light works out during the day.

We also need to take care with the appearance of the workers, their tasks and the use of equipment.  This is particularly important with regard to demonstrating full compliance with local safety laws. Diligent preparations will always help to achieve the best results.

Industrial Photography – The Advantage of Experience

Most of the time the main subjects we encounter are spaces filled with large machinery, equipment and products.  Often we also need to include the workers, employees and sometimes the executive board.

Sometimes this spills over into corporate photography and therefore needs very special care and attention. CEOs are busy people by definition and the professional photographer will therefore have to prepare in advance in order to cause as little disruption as possible to the manufacturing processes as well as the busy professionals. We must consequently prepare the locations, strobe positions and everything else required for the shots.

Architectural photography and hotel photography have many points in common with industrial photography. They share many of the challenges of interior photography but at the end of the day our specialist experience and passion will make the difference.

Industrial Photography Chiang Mai Thailand

We use the best professional equipment and additionally we have thirty years of experience in industrial photography.
We are also skilled in advanced post production photo editing.
Consequently we are able to guarantee the best possible results.

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