Hotel Photography Chiang Mai Thailand

Our hotel photography Chiang Mai service is also offered throughout Thailand and South East Asia. Hotel photography is a highly technical and specialist form of photography and it shares a lot of elements with architectural photography. However it also requires a distinctive special eye for interior photography and styling. In architectural photography we describe how elements of a building interact with its interior, people and light. With hotel photography we are required to manipulate the environment, to a certain degree, in order to meet style requirements as well as marketing needs.

Hotel Photography Chiang Mai – How we work

Hotel Photography and Styling

Most of the times what our naked eye sees is not what our camera records. This is due to the different perspective that is created by wide-angle or telephoto lenses. ­­In order to avoid any possible error we constantly work tethered to a computer. Using this method we can precisely see what our camera sees and can therefore spot out the best possible shooting angles.

In this way we can also precisely adjust the scene by moving tables and chairs around, adding flowers and arranging other props. We are therefore able to create the most spectacular compositions.

Since our clients regularly return to use our services we can be sure that our technique works properly!

Pre-shooting meetings

Communication between Photographer and Hotel Management is pivotal in order to achieve successful hotel photography. We therefore pride ourselves on our pre-shooting briefings. We also provide a detailed shooting schedule custom made to the requirements of the management.

Early in the morning and at sunset are precious moments in order to get outdoor images of swimming pools and lit up buildings. When shooting indoors it is pivotal to know where the sun casts its light in order to avoid unpleasant strong shadows in a room.

It is therefore extremely important to have a well researched shooting list in order to provide fast and reliable results. This is especially relevant when on a week long hotel photography commission.

Hotel Photography Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our hotel photography services have been used by many of the world’s leading hospitality brands.
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