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Welcome to our photo retouching services. When it comes to doing a photo retouch we use Photoshop image editing software. Our image retouching service has been using Photoshop since 1998 version 5.0. Since its appearance in the very early ‘90s this tool has totally changed the way we think about and perform photography. Based in Chiang Mai Thailand, we specialize in Hotel, Product, Real Estate and Industrial photography. We adopt a holistic approach to all these disciplines by combining careful set up for the photoshoot with a photo retouch afterwards.  We use advanced image retouching techniques using Photoshop layers and masking.

Photo Retouching Services

Photo Retouch Techniques – The Advantage of Layers

We recognize that there are many professional image retouching applications such as Lightroom or Phase One.  However if you want to remove, move or even add people or details to an image Photoshop is the clear winner. ‘Layers’ are the most important Photoshop image editing feature.  We can use this feature to plan in advance the lighting and color balance of our final image.

To give just a simple example: when we photograph a room with a big window the light’s measurement inside the room is obviously not the same as the much brighter light outside. Using the Photoshop’s Layer feature, we can photoshoot two pictures with two different exposures and then merge them later with a fine-tuned photo retouch. We can use the same techniques to handle the manipulation of shadows and highlights in our product photography. This is particularly relevant when using image retouching with very shiny items such as jewelry. It is a useful technique for our automotive photography.

Photo Retouching Services – The Advantage of Experience

We have developed a deep understanding of light, both manmade and natural. Our Photo Retouching Services are based on this knowledge.  We know just how to balance the light in the combination of a photography shoot and its following photo retouching. There are other important technical factors that we also take into account. We include attention to color temperature, shadow intensity, straightening of lines, precise area selection and balanced saturation. These are of great value when achieving the perfect visual balance in any given photograph.

We have over 20 years of experience in professional photography.  Additionally we have a comprehensive appreciation of these fundamental photo retouching and image retouching techniques. It goes without saying that this puts us – and our customers – in a position of great advantage over the competition.

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Our photo retouching services have been used by a variety of clients.
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