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Portrait photography can be the most pleasant and also the most fun type of photography.  The photographer has to interact and guide each person through all the stages needed and as a result achieve the most relaxed look possible. Professional models, actors or actresses are practiced in the art of interaction with the camera.  For others it is probably not so easy to achieve a relaxed and friendly intimacy during portrait photography. Often untrained models may feel awkward and therefore restless in front of the lens. It is the portrait photographer’s task to guide him or her to the spontaneous behavior that is so necessary in every portrait. With family photography and also other group photography this can be even harder to achieve.

Portrait Photography & Family Photography Services

Preparing for Portrait Photography

Portrait photography, like any other branch of professional photography, should be carefully planned.

When we’re working for a magazine or advertising agency we need a pre-shooting briefing with our client, model or models. We use this meeting in order to gather details on what our client has in mind.

Portraits can be roughly divided into three main sections – facial shots, upper body shots and also full body shots. We discuss these points along with clothing, accessories, lighting and background before the shoot.

Family photography is usually more for fun and therefore centers around capturing lasting memories. Even then any preparation before the shoot will produce better results.

Inside or Outside?

Another critical decision has to be taken on where the portraits will be shot. Sometimes we shoot within a home environment in order to describe the ambience one lives in?

Outdoor shots in natural surroundings can likewise show a love for nature.

In a studio we can further control the atmosphere.

It therefore goes without saying that choosing your location is very important. Natural light confers a mellow feeling while studio lighting is generally more sharp and dramatic.

Portrait Photography Chiang Mai Thailand

We have a long experience in portrait photography both in studio and in other environments. We are expert at post production and photo retouching in order to add those final touches that further enhance our shots. Contact us for further information.

Our expertise also guarantees that we deliver professional looking portraits for any kind of subject.

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